Uber and Fibaro HC2

Outside lighting

Darker mornings and darker evenings

We don't need to remind anyone how much darker mornings and evenings are in Autumn and Winter. Imagine, you're in a rush in the morning, making breakfast, packing your laptop, feeding the children, etc, switching the outdoor lights on will probably be the last thing you do. Wouldn't it be great, if your house knew that you'd called an Uber and when it arrives outside, or is 5 mins away, switches your outside lights on.

With this solution and by using the steps below, we'll show you how to give your mornings and evenings a boost and give you more time to get ready.

How it works

Using an IFTTT account in conjunction with an Uber account, we can automatically trigger an e-mail to be sent, once your Uber has arrived or, will be arriving shortly. The Fibaro HC2 home controller calls this website every 60 seconds, and will look through the notifications in an e-mail inbox, checking the subject line of a match ie "Uber has arrived" or "Uber is 5 mins away", if it finds a match the controller will set a global variable, such as switching your outdoor lights on or off.

What do you will need to get started

To get started you will need the following items:

Lets set this up

Setting up your Uber account

Once you've created your Uber account, you will need to set your home and work addresses, this is done through the mobile phone app. Once you have downloaded the app and logged into it, open the menu option, choose Settings > Add Home, Add Work.

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