Free Home Automation solutions

Find Friends and Fibaro HC2

A ready made presence or location detector for iOS mobile phone users using Find My Friends app. Your smart home will know when your at home or away and can react accordingly

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Google Calendar and Fibaro HC2, using IFTTT

Use Google Calendar to inform your home of when your next party is or the next bank holiday, your home can then take appropriate actions

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Life360 and Fibaro HC2

Another ready made location solution for both iOS and Android mobile phones. Harnessing the power of IFTTT services with your Fibaro smart home controller

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Geo fencing solution using a mobile phone

Integration Features

Easy to Use

Documentation and a help desk, if you get stuck, someone will try to help you out. Just raise a ticket.

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Powerful search service

We provide you with capability to search your home controller's messages, enabling your smart home to react to external services.

Secure by design

We take security very seriously.
SSL certificates protect your information all the way through to our data centre.

Alexa solutions

Amazon Alexa Doorbell Skill

Would you like Amazons' Alexa to act as a doorbell? Using this API you can integrate it easily with your existing home automation controller.

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Amazon Alexa Doorbell Skill

Amazon Alexa Doorbell Skill

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